Two Wheel Wheelbarrow


  • barrow: a cart for carrying small loads; has handles and one or more wheels
  • A small cart with a single wheel at the front and two supporting legs and two handles at the rear, used typically for carrying loads in building-work or gardening
  • transport in a wheelbarrow
  • The Wheelbarrow is a remotely controlled robot designed by Lieutenant-Colonel ‘Peter’ Miller in 1972 for use by British Army bomb disposal teams operating in Northern Ireland (321 EOD), mainland Britain (11 EOD Regiment) and Iraq.

    two wheel

  • of or relating to vehicles with two wheels; “a two-wheeled cart”

two wheel wheelbarrow

two wheel wheelbarrow – Little Tikes

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow
Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow
A fun toy garden cart and wheel barrow in one. The hours of imagination are almost endless! Convert it from a hard-working toy wheelbarrow to a festive gardening cart. Promotes imagination, role playing and active play. A perfect outdoor toy that can be used inside, too. Kids can grow their green thumb with this 2-in-1 Garden Cart & Wheelbarrow!1-Prtable water sprinklerConverts to wheelbarrowEasy to transport2- garden hand toolsRemovable fabric shadeRemovable tray for flower potsLength 14Width 24Assembly Light AssemblyAge 2 yearsHeight_ 24Accessories included 1- tray

Found Wheelbarrow

Found Wheelbarrow
Catherine wanted a wheelbarrow and I was resistant to the idea because then you have to store it and they’re expensive too. When I saw this one on the sidewalk on trash day, I was happy to bring it home for her. It’s quite charming in its unpaintedness and obvious age. And it was just the right size to fit between our two compost bins. This weekend I was all over it, wheeling it around as part of my six hours of clearing ivy. It will be good for sifting compost too.

day two ninety eight. sweet surrender.

day two ninety eight. sweet surrender.
brian had entirely too much fun helping me with this shot. i’m lucky he let me go. =)

the plan was to seem helpless, but to actually Feel completely helpless was a trip. man, i’m a control freak.


two wheel wheelbarrow

Two Wheels
Cycling is going through a revolution. Over half a million of us take to our bicycles every day and, as a result, the public image of cycling has been transformed. No longer the preserve of the marginal and eccentric few, it’s now considered cool to travel on two wheels.

Guardian journalist Matt Seaton is one of cycling’s greatest advocates. An out-and-out bike nut, he rides to work during the week, races at the weekend and has even been known to attend transport policy conferences in between.

In this collection, Seaton not only explores a nation’s rediscovered love of cycling, he also investigates the issues that affect all cyclists, from potholes and town planning to cycling etiquette and aesthetics. Whether you’re a commuter or a competitive racer, a recreational rider or a cycle tourist, this book will prove irresistible – and enlightening – reading.